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This week, our cover story is all over Philly's Spiral Q Puppet Theater and their upcoming Peoplehood pageant (head to Clark Park this Saturday to get a glimpse in person! Highbrow has gossip and Mexican food, Ego loves sweaters, and Food and Drink takes a look at Sansom's new barbecue outpost. Our feature this week is a look at the West Philadelphia Recess Initiative (this would be why your ass is currently covered in chalk). No word as to whether Denzel will continue to travel to Philly to watch the Quakers in the flesh as he did for about half of last season. You'll just instantaneously wonder off and download the here. All together now -- we've gossip and tales of lonely Fall Breaks in Highbrow, Ego of the Week (plus dog) Jessie Spellman and a glimpse at Philly's new casino in Ego and a Food and Drink section that will make you want to drink drink drink. The roster now sits at 20 players, still five above the League travel limit, but with injuries the Quakers will likely not have too much trouble making weight. So you probably won't even be reading the following paragraph.Today, opinion polls consistently show a majority of Americans endorsing such marriages; among those aged 18 to 29, support is as high as 70 percent.President Barack Obama has embraced marriage equality.Last November, for the first time, a majority of voters in a state—in fact, in three states—approved same-sex marriage, and in a fourth, they rejected a proposed state constitutional amendment to forbid it.How did support for gay marriage grow so quickly—to the point where the Supreme Court may deem it a constitutional right in 2013?In the early 1970s, amid a burst of gay activism unleashed by the Stonewall riots in Greenwich Village, several same-sex couples filed lawsuits demanding marriage licenses.

She was wrong because, although many aspects of the culture remained the same, two things changed in ways that no one could have predicted. SURFACE LEVEL SHITPro: Tons of Chicks Con: All the girls are 13-15Con: Going to jail Pro: Tickets are only Con: Your mother will see the credit card charge and roast you for seeing Hoodie Allen Con: Opportunity cost of doing literally anything else with 30 dollars and two hours of your time Pro: Copping that sweet Hoodie merch Con: You’re gonna get your ass beat on the way home for wearing Hoodie merch Con: The vast majority of his merch isn't hoodies...which is confusing BRAGGING RIGHTSPro: You’ll be the only one of your friends who have seen hoodie Con: There’s a reason why Con: You’ll no longer have friends Pro: Wale might be there Con: Two bad rappers for the price of one Con: You’ll probably mispronounce Wale Pro: Wharton pride Con: Donald Trump also went to Wharton Con: You’re in the College IRONYPro: You’re seeing him as joke Con: The joke isn’t funny Con: The joke is on you Pro: Potential for ironic sex with Hoodie Allen Con: Ironic sex is just about the same as regular sex Con: You run the risk of conceiving an ironic child Pro: If you go, you can probably write for Street Con: They've already interviewed him Con: Might not be scene enough to publish Also, Dining Guide came out yesterday. Also, our feature this week focuses on students who book a flight home after graduation. but really it's Cultural Elite, our yearly index of the who's-who of the senior class, that is the most difficult to put together. In this week's issue, we feature Philly Fellows -- a group living meets community outreach program which eases recent college graduates into the world of non-profits. This week's centerspread is a look Penn electioneering -- political organizations on campus and their roles during election season. is here to help you navigate the complicated yet mostly glorious world that is culinary Philadelphia -- from the highbrow to the lowbrow; the locally-inspired to the foreign; the mobile to those considered Philadelphia institutions. We would have gotten away with it, if it hadn't been for those pesky kids! We've also rounded up the freshest crop of upcoming summer music releases as well as a review of Australian thriller, The Square to tickle your fancy. You might want to take a sneak peak at this week's True Life ... But now, tis the day of Fling and amidst all your kick-off celebrations, you almost forgot your favorite Thursday pick-me-up, didn't cha? In case the sunny glare gets to be too much , we have a guide to some sneaky-super-fly shades.And next week, keep your eye out for our Style Guide (vote for superlatives! So we're going to go wallow in a bed of blankets and green tea and Mucinex. Strictly Funk's Adie Remiker is Ego of the Week, Food & Drink tags along on a blind date/restaurant review at Philly Italian establishment Il Portico, and Film gives you a (glowing! And having a hard time deciding what career path to head down once you leave Penn? As normal, we've got your gossip, reveiws of music, film and food, and a little opinion here and there. And don't worry, there'll be a normal issue of Without even really meaning to, we have a spooktacularly Halloween-themed Street for you this week. A pro/con of Willow Smith's new single, things stupid people do and say, a recap of the Philly Film Festival and a squirrel orgasm. But don't worry, if you're a Negative Nancy and hate fling (booo!ran a story about one of the unacknowledged victims of 9/11 — celebrity gossip.It started with a scene at a New York restaurant famous for its hospitality to famous people.

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If you don't like the person you are chatting with, simply click "New Leap".

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Get Close and Connected in Just One Cup From Fall Affair to Winter Relationships: Keep Your Partner Warm How to Make a Move at Midnight New Year's Commitments for Soul-Mate Searching Singles The purpose of this little note is to give you guys a long delayed thank you!

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This package includes round-trip flights from the cities listed above.